Every day we do our best to constantly develop the idea of our founder Gustav F. Hübener to protect companies and their cargo with the best possible coverage to competitive prices. 
We perform our three main tasks, underwriting, claims and recovery handling thoroughly, efficiently, flexibly and professionally to meet the highest quality requirements of our customers.

We create tailor made concepts for almost every cargo you can imagine.
For some industries, we have designed bespoke special concepts which are available instantly. These are among others: 

Products for Manufacturers

For busy merchandisers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors & wholesalers we offer extensive Marine Cargo protection, covering domestics as well as oversea transit, by sea, land or air, with tailored underwriting to competitive prices. Our concept is available for instant coverage. All we need to agree on is the price based on your individual risk. 

Project Cargo

For project cargo with “out of the norm” dimensions and heavy weights we have a selection of different coverage concepts available, depending on individual parameters of the cargo and the routing. Our experience and knowledge with these kind of shipments allows us to provide valuable advice on loss prevention
and security measures.

Hotel Furniture and equipment

Hotel owners can rely on our special solution for hotel furniture, fixtures, equipment and supplies.
From hotel beds to bed covers from wallpaper to lighting, from tables, chairs to carpets. We created a special product insuring all these goods and more under one policy including delivery, storage and installation phase.

Perishable Cargo

Many fresh goods are not consumed where they are grown. 
That’s why fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are shipped over long distances from growing countries to consumers markets.
To protect these goods to best possible coverage, we have designed a tailor-made concept in our perishable cargo cover.



We are trustworthy risk service provider for several leading domestic and international insurers in marine insurance.
As underwriting agency the insurers trust in our expertise, experience and know-how.
We work together with the best insurance companies on the market. With most of our insurance partners we value a long-term, trusting partnership.
We select our insurance partner taking into account service quality, know-how, financial rating and experience.