Our team consists of well-qualified enthusiastic experts who are always committed to the concerns of our customers. We are always curious to know which goods are to be insured next. We offer best fitting tailor-made concepts and we give guidance for our brokers and clients  in the world of marine insurance.
We strive to provide our clients with the best possible insurance cover. We work hard to satisfy our customers and to maintain our high service level.


Andre's passion for Marine Insurance has been sparked already in the year 2003.  

After having finished his studies of business administration in the south of Germany (Mannheim), Andre has been working as a Marine Cargo and Marine Liability Underwriter for several years, before he joined GFH in the year 2009. 

Since 2016, Andre is the Managing Director of GFH.


Mark started his career more than 20 years ago at Winterthur Insurance HQ in Switzerland. When he fell in love with a girl from Hamburg, he left his home country and joined GFH in the year 2012 to work as an Underwriter for Marine Cargo. 

Today, Mark is the Head of the Marine Cargo Department and is still enthusiastic about the daily challenges in underwriting of global marine cargo risks. 

During his lunch breaks or after work, you might find him fishing at the Elbe River in front of our office.


Peter heads our finance, our HR and our administrative matters.

He has collected his expert knowledge and skills in various companies over a period of more than 25 years. Peter holds a diploma in business administration.


Eckhard is - so to speak - the veteran of GFH. Initially having started his career as a freight forwarder, already in the 20th century he decided to work in the transport insurance industry. 

In 2001 he chose to work with GFH. Ever since, he passionately deals with major losses submitted to him from all over the world.

He has proven to be an all-rounder and occasionally also appears as an underwriter.


Yvette is a well experienced accountant, who loves financial figures and when a puzzle gets completed.  At GFH, she is also in charge for all incoming and outgoing payments.

Yvette is working for GFH since 2022. That she speaks four languages fluently, is only one of the reasons why she’s the perfect fit for GFH with its international business.


John is driven by his passion for developing insurance solutions for a variety of complex demands in an international business context. As marine cargo insurance at GFH combines it all, he joined GFH in 2020.

John has started his insurance career at the Zurich Group in 2005 and has spent roughly ten years with distribution of commercial insurance solutions. Before he has started working as an Underwriter for GFH, John was a senior claims manager for marine claims, which has equipped him with a good sense of risk evaluation. 

John holds a degree in financial services management (BA) at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne.


Hardy is happy to respond to your inquiries and claim notices as well. He started to work in the insurance industry in 1998 and completed numerous educations and trainings. 

In 2011 Hardy discovered his affection for Marine Cargo Insurance and since the beginning of 2019 he works for GFH with the tasks underwriting and claims handling. 

With more than 20 years of experience for insurance brokers Hardy knows your needs exactly.


Konrad has finished his studies of business administration in 2009 and gained a lot of experience in the Marine Insurance Industry during his work as account manager for a Hamburg based marine hull & machinery and P&I insurance broker for almost 7 years. 

Konrad has started as Marine Cargo underwriter at GFH in March 2019 and enjoys to handle and assess the different types of individual enquiries crossing his desk every day.


Martina joined GFH in 2023 and is responsible for the handling of Marine Cargo Claims. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the shipping industry, she really knows the characteristics of international trade and what it takes to finalize Marine Cargo Claims in a fair and quick manner.

Her “hands-on attitude” is well appreciated by our international business partners, clients, and colleagues.